State Application Process:


The state application is required to be approved to take the state exam.  It can take 2 to 2 1/2 weeks to process, so you will want to do this early in the course.  This way, you will be approved by the end and can take the state exam quickly while the information is still fresh on your mind..

The application process has 2 steps, 1) the application on-line and 2) the finger prints.

Application Steps:

1) go to  This is the web site for the D.B.P.R, Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

2) At the bottom left, Click on the box that say’s  ”Apply or Manage a New License”.

3) Next click on the industry “Real Estate Commission”, this will be in the far right row.

4) Then Choose Initial Sales Associate License RE1

5) Answer “No” to Mutual Recognition, (Unless that’s what you are applying for).

6) Next fill in the background questionnaire.

7) Pay the $62.50 fee.



Finger Print Process:

1) Call Pearson Vue at 1-877-238-8232

2) Request an appointment for finger prints for the real estate license.

3) Give them a zip code in the area you would like to do your finger prints.

4) Pay the $56.50 finger print fee.




Once you receive an email authorization letter from Pierson Vue,  you can call to schedule an appointment.