Our Online Zoom Sales Associate class begins every two weeks, our next class can be found by clicking the 2024 schedule.   This is a day or evening class.  Click Here to  “REGISTER NOW”   or call 407-375-0509  Thank You.


We are currently offering Sales Associate Online Live Stream Zoom classes.   Each student will  receive a daily email invite 15 minutes prior to class.  One for the morning session and one for the evening session.  You can choose which ever one you would like to attend that day.  You will also receive an audio recording of that day’s class to listen later on your computer or phone.  We will also make arrangements to pick up your physical book.  Please feel free to call me at 407-375-0509 for more info.  Thanks.

This is the FREC I 63 Hr. Sales Associate Course. Part will be LIVE  STREAM online and part will be work-from-home at your own pace.    You will also need to pick up your book prior to starting class.
You must register online only.  The course is $349. And includes your book and all downloads and audio for the course. You will receive a $25. online discount, making it $324. total.  You do not need to have an account with ZOOM,  but I do recommend visiting www.zoom.com and familiarize yourself with it once you’ve registered.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you online.  407-375-0509 or email us at nickcarioti@gmail.com.



STEP 1: Click On “Register Now” and follow instructions.

STEP 2: When the box comes up that asks you to enter in $349., you will only enter in $324. for your $25. online discount.   You will receive an email conformation for this amount.

STEP 3: You will then receive an email with info on the Zoom class and instructions on how to pick up your book.

STEP 4: Pick up your book as instructed and be ready to receive an email invite for the class 15 minutes prior to class  each day and evening, You choose each day which session you want.


Florida Real Estate Learning Center

 Due to COVID we are NOT currently inside the Nova Southeastern University building.  Please do not go to the building.  All classes are currently offered with Live Stream Zoom only.  Thank You.



Nova Southeastern University serves the Central Florida area with a modern, regional campus in Orlando, located off I-4 on Millenia Boulevard just south of the Mall at Millenia.  Convenient to many restaurants and eating options, as well as the Millenia Mall.


As we approach our 22nd year in business as a state certified and accredited real estate school, we would like to thank all of our successful alumnus for their support and confidence in us.  We are excited about our recovering real estate market and all the new opportunities it brings.  We look forward to having you as our next successful student.


How Are We Different?

Here at Florida Real Estate Learning Center, we have one goal in mind, helping you pass the state exam the first time.
We have many ways of accomplishing this, but our primary method is by compiling feedback from previous students that have taken the state exam.  We never ask students for questions that were on their exam, but rather, was there anything on their exam that we did not cover in our highlights.  This keeps us very focussed and up to date on what you need to know.
We also have many test taking strategies that work exceptionally well on this exam.  These methods and strategies have helped us keep a high percentage of first time passers.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


5 Reasons That Real Estate Might Be The Career For You
Have you ever wondered about getting in to the real estate business, but were nervous about taking the first step.  Maybe you talked to a few people that had been in the business at one time, but didn’t have too much success.  Well the fact is, you really can’t rely on other peoples opinions and experiences to determine what’s right for you.  Sure your Mom or Dad may have been pretty good at telling you what’s best, or maybe not, but only you know when something is right you.
Some of the most unlikely people have become incredibly successful in the real estate business.  I have seen numerous professionals put aside their college degrees to participate in the real estate industry, which turned out to be more financially rewarding for them.  The good news is, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to find out if it’s right for you.  The financial and time investment in getting in the business is minimal compared to most other industries.  Another important factor is that a Florida real estate license allows you to be involved in dozens of different niches and specialties.  There is certainly one that fits you just right.
But if your still not sure, here are 5 signs that real estate might be the career for you.
1.  Do you love being around homes, new and old, designing and decorating perhaps?
2.  Do you enjoy being in charge and control of your business dealings?
3.  Do you enjoy setting your own schedules and not missing out on family functions?
4.  Do you enjoy working with people and making them happy?
5.  Would you like a career with unlimited potential?
If most of these things apply to you, then real estate could very well be the career for you.