Class Update – Please Read Carefully

We are currently offering Online Live Stream Zoom classes.  Our next date for online Live Stream Zoom day class will be June 29th, Evening class will be July 2oth.   Each student will also receive a daily email with the audio recording of that day’s class and you will receive a physical book.  Please feel free to call me at 407-375-0509 for more info.  Thanks and be safe.

Any returning students requiring a refresher can access our audio classes from our web site.  (Call for more info)

Our next Online LIVE Stream 2 week day class will begin June 29th,  our evening class will be July 20th.

Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks.

These online classes are recorded and available to all students on our web site.   

This is the FREC I 63 Hr. Sales Associate Course.  Part will be LIVE online and parts will be work-from-home at your own pace.  Currently the class exam will be taken in person  at our physical location.  You will also need to pick up your book prior to class starting.

You must register online only.  The course is $349. And includes your book and all downloads for the course.  You do not need to have an account with ZOOM but I do recommend visiting and familiarize yourself with it once you’ve registered.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you online.  407-375-0509 or email us at



Our next Real Estate Broker class has been moved to July 6th. (FILLED)


2020 Schedule

Online  LIVE Stream Classes   ($349.00 Including book)   Monday through Thursday


Daytime Online Schedule

June 29 – July 9 Two Week Day Class

July 13 – July 23 Two Week Day Class

July 27 – August 6 Two Week Day Class

 August 10 – August 20 Two Week Day Class

Evening Online Schedule

July 20 – July 30  Two Week Evening class  

 August 10 – August 20 Two Week Evening Class


2 Week  In Class Day Classes   ($349.00 Including book)

Monday through Thursday  -  Limited Seating – Social Distancing



*  2 Week 45 Hour Post License Class   ($225.00)

Monday through Thursday,   Previous students get a $25.00 discount.

Next post license class is;

First 2 Weeks of September  2020  ($225.)