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Florida Real Estate Learning Center

Florida Real Estate Learning Center

Since 2001



Sales Associate Classes
(New class begins every two weeks)

2 Week Day Class
($299.00 Including book)
Monday Through Thursday,
9:00 am to 3 pm

2 Week Evening Class
($299.00 Including book)
Monday Through Thursday,
6:00 pm to 11 pm

4 Week Day or Eve Class
($299.00 Including book)
Weeks 1 & 2, Mon. & Wed..
Weeks 3 & 4, Tues. & Thurs.


Our Promise To You …

At The Florida Real Estate Learning Center, we provide our students with an academic real estate curriculum second to none.

As a real estate professional you will be a part of an industry that can survive the peaks and valleys of our financial economy, company down sizing and layoffs. Real estate is an equal opportunity career for men and women of all ages. While the real estate business holds several areas to specialize in, your earning potential is unlimited. Whether seeking a full time or part time career, we can start you on your way.

All of us here at The Florida Real Estate Learning Center invite you to attend our courses, and let us be a part of your success
in the real estate industry.

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Contact Us:

Florida Real Estate Learning Center 4850 Millennia Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32839 (IIn the Nova Southestatern University Campus Next to the Mall of the Millenia 407.375.0509

Refund Policy

Florida Real Estate Learning Center will allow you to change your scheduled course whenever needed. You will never loose your tuition.
You can even transfer your tuition to a friend or relative, as long as you have not started the class schedule.
We cannot give a cash refund after your registration has been processed, but you can receive a school credit that is valid for two years. Thank You.

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Contact US:

Florida Real Estate Learning Center

Orlando Campus
4850 Millenia Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32839

(In the Nova Southeastern University Orlando Campus)
Next to the Millennia Mall



Maximum Flexibility

We know that our students have busy and complicated lives, so we do our best to work around your schedules. We teach the same chapters in our evening class as we do in our day class. This gives you the opportunity to alternate between day and evening classes as needed.

In addition, we allow students to stretch our two week class to a four week class if your not able to attend every day of the week.

And most important, we have an "open door policy". This means that once you have registered for a class, you can come back all you like, for up to two years, until you take and pass the state exam. All at no extra charge.


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