You can register for class by phone, in person by appointment only, or online by clicking the orange box below.

You must register prior to the day of class.  We cannot accept same day walk-ins.  You must register by the Friday prior to the Monday of class.  Thank You.


You are registering for our 2 week day, or 3 week evening Sales Associate class. You will automatically be scheduled for our next upcoming class. If you would like to start on a different date please call or text us at 407-375-0509 once you have registered.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation once registered.

Please click the orange box below and enter the $349.00 class fee to begin.  You must enter in the full price of the course to be registered and reserve a seat.  Our system will not accept deposits.   Thank You

 On first day of class, be sure to bring a pen and paper, and 2 highlighters. Thank You